Vacation Bucket List – 2015

vacation bucket listThe last few months have been incredibly busy with lots of trips. They were all great fun but I was also happy when they were over and I could look forward to catching up on the rest of my life and slowing down a little. It’s a funny thing, though. The minute I slowed down I started thinking about where I would like to go next. Crazy! But there it is. So I’ve started my next round of vacation planning and have come up with my vacation bucket list for 2015:

#1 – A Cruise

I actually already have this planned for January when the weather in the Midwest is usually pretty ugly. My Holland America cruise is going to Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and a stop in the Bahamas. I haven’t been to Turks and Caicos before so that will be a new adventure, but mostly I’m looking forward to warmer weather for a bit. (Check out my cruise planning tips or my cruise packing tips for more info.)

key west#2 – Key West

Key West is always on my vacation bucket list. It is always warm and always fun. I usually stay at a Waldorf Astoria property called The Reach that is within walking distance to all the action on Duval Street.  And since Southwest Airlines bought Airtran I can fly all the way there on my favorite airline.

#3 – San Antonio

I have only been to San Antonio once long ago (on a girl trip) and I’ve always wanted to go back. We stayed on the Riverwalk which gave us access to lots of shopping and restaurants. I think this would make a good spring trip while I’m waiting for the weather to warm up in Missouri.

vacation bucket list#4 – Destin

Destin is a beautiful place with great beaches. My trip there in April will be extra special because one of my daughters is going to get married on the beach there. I know we’ll have lots of “wedding activities” to keep us busy . . . but you can’t go there without relaxing and slowing down for some beach time (and maybe a ride in a scoot car).

#5 – Colorado

I know I will be heading back to Colorado in 2015 . . . we tried to cross the Royal Gorge this past summer and it was still closed for renovations (necessary because of the fire in 2013). There were also several other motorcycle rides we didn’t have time for on the last trip that we hope to make this coming year.

#6 – Tennessee and North Carolina

We missed one part of our trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway last summer . . . our ride on The Dragon’s Tail was rained out. So we definitely have to go back and check that off our bucket list.

#7 – Las Vegas

I’m not a gambler but I occasionally  have a work-related convention in Las Vegas. For our trip in July we are going to take advantage of being in out west and go to the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been and it’s something I would really like to see and photograph. I’ll have a second trip to Vegas in September but that one is all about a scrapbooking event and shopping!

vacation bucket listThis list will get me through to fall . . . It seems like a pretty busy schedule but we enjoy going and doing. I’m trying to decided where I’d go if I added one more trip in October or November. Where is your all-time, favorite place? Do you have any suggestions for me to make 2015 really memorable?


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    Cris Sumski
    November 14, 2014 at

    We took a trip out of Vegas to Hoover Dam. Dean Outdoor Adventures turned out to be a great choice as he was very knowlegable and since there were just the two of us, quite willing to be flexible. Made an extra stop to check out the big horned sheep that hang out in a city park. They also do a Grand Canyon tour and I’m sure it is fabulous as well. Give me a call if you want more info! Cris

    • Reply
      Carla Wilson
      November 15, 2014 at

      Thanks, Chris! Now I’m excited. It’s nice to have a few contacts instead of just going in without any clue. I’ll definitely call you when I start planning the details. Hope you guys have a fun Thanksgiving!!!

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