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How to Use Uber Instead of a Taxi

I just got back from a really great trip with lots of sun and fun. However, one of the most interesting parts of the trip was using Uber for the first time. It worked so well I thought I would share how to using uberuse Uber instead of a taxi.

Uber is definitely an option to try when you are on the road and in a city that Uber services. There are several advantages to using them:

#1 – Quick and Efficient

My number one favorite thing about the service was how quick and efficient it was. I used it 4 times on my trip and each time my driver arrived within 2 to 4 minutes. I have stood on a corner in New York or Chicago many times and haven’t hailed a cab that quickly! Uber connects a customer with the closest driver available so the drivers don’t waste their time or yours.

using uber#2 – Fare Estimates

Another plus in Uber’s favor is their ability to give you a estimate on the cost of your trip before you actually request a ride. I like knowing in advance how much I’ll be spending.

#3 – Ease of Payment

Payments are handled through the app based on the credit card information you input when you set up your account. Tipping is actually not necessary when using Uber, but I did tip my drivers in cash because they had done a great job and every car I was in was spotless and I really appreciated riding in a clean car instead of a smelly cab!

using uber#4 – Tracking the Driver’s Arrival

The Uber app allows you to see your driver’s location and gives you an estimate on his arrival time. I like the idea that I can wait indoors when it’s really hot or cold weather and only go outside as the driver arrives.

#5 – Knowing my Uber driver in advance

One of the really great features of the Uber app is its ability to show you who your driver is (with a name and a picture), what type of car they are driving and their license plate number. There were no worries about trying to get in the wrong car or being surprised by my driver. This really helped when watching for my ride to arrive.

#6 – Saving money

I’m sure that Uber saved me money when I used it in Miami. I took a cab from the Ft. Lauderdale airport to my hotel near the Port of Miami the day I arrived. On the way home I used Uber from the Port of Miami back to the Ft. Lauderdale airport. The return trip was much cheaper!

Those are my favorite reasons I liked using the service. Here are the steps for actually using Uber:

Step #1 – Download the app from iTunes and set up your account

This step includes imputing credit card information for payment. After your ride is complete Uber will send a receipt to your email.

Step #2 – Set pick up and destination locations

Step #3 – Check the estimated cost 

This step isn’t necessary, but I liked knowing in advance what I would be paying.

Step #4 – Request a ride

Step #5 – Watch for your ride

using uberAs I already mentioned, the Uber app shows a picture of your driver, the type of car he will be driving and his license plate number. This really helps to find the right car on a busy city street.

You can check out Uber directly to answer any other questions you might have or leave a comment and I’ll answer (if I know). 

All in all, using Uber was a great experience and I am positive I will use it again!


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