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7 Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

travel journalTravel Journals. Perhaps you’ve thought about keeping one but didn’t want to bother with it. Or maybe you’ve taken some recent trips and decided you want to record some details before you forget them. I have been traveling weekly for over 4 years and I can think of 7 reasons to keep a travel journal.

#1 – To remember where you’ve been

Whether you travel a little or a lot, keeping a travel journal will help you remember where you’ve been and when you were there. The older you get the more memories you have to keep track of. And if you travel a lot this will be a lot of memories.

On my last trip to Panama City Beach in Florida and I wondered the whole trip when I had last been there. I could remember the things I did on that trip but I couldn’t remember when it was. Which started to bug me! So I know when I get a chance I’m going to flip through my old travel journals and find that trip.

travel journal#2 – To have a place to keep your photos

People who scrapbook (like me) often make a scrapbook for “special” trips. I use my travel journal to have a place for the photos of the little stops in between the “special” trips.

#3 – To have a place to record details

I like to keep a record of the really good and the really bad places I have been.  Restaurants, hotels, shops, theaters, etc. I keep business cards and brochures of places I liked well enough to go back to and for places I would like to avoid on my next trip.

travel journal#4 – To have something to do on a trip

I travel a lot by myself so keeping a travel journal gives me something to do as I sit on a plane or a train. As I type this I am in Houston waiting on my delayed flight to St. Louis and I am actually traveling without my travel journal (which is something I seldom do). If I had my journal with me I would be all caught up with my latest trip. (I left it behind because my carry-on bag had gotten really heavy with all the things I had to take.)

#5 – To have a reminder of things that inspire me

I come across lots of things I want to remember as I travel . . . even if it is just a funny quote or sign or something that made me smile. My journal is a place to write a memory or keep a photo of the moment.

travel journal#6 – To have a way to pass on information

I am sure that without my journal I would never remember the name of the hotel I liked in Paris or the restaurant with the amazing nachos. Because  I’ve recorded details in my journal I can retrieve the information and pass it along to people who ask. I love to have people steer me in the right direction and I am happy to return the favor when I can.

#7 – To have a way to share my life

One of my most important reasons for keeping a travel journal is so I can share it with friends and family. I actually copy my journal each month and send a copy to my mom so she can see where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. If I’ve traveled with friends I like to copy the section of my journal they were a part of and bind it and give it to them. They might never keep a travel journal for themselves, but I love it when they can enjoy mine!

travel journalSo these are my reasons for keeping a travel journal. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like . . . it just needs to work for you. I have other ideas for how to keep a travel journal or scrapbook but that’s in another post. But I hope these reasons why inspire you to give it a try!



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