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Tips for Vacation Photography

Vacation PhotographyEvery time I take a trip I am determined to take amazing photos to document the experience. Some times I succeed and sometimes I fail. But I’m always more successful if I kept the following Tips for Vacation Photography in mind:

#1 – Follow the Rule of Thirds

I don’t mean to get too technical here, but intentionally framing your photos will immediately improve them. Use the grid option on your camera and line up the horizon on the top or the bottom line. Don’t center it. Put your subject at one of the intersections of the lines. If you need to know how to turn on the camera grid on your iPhone check out my iPhone Travel Photo tips.

Vacation Photography#2 – Look for a different angle

Try not to take the same photography everyone else has taken. Look for a different angle by shoot from above or below your subject. Put your subject in the corner of the frame instead of the center. Zoom in on the details of a location instead of just photographing the whole scene.

Vacation Photography#3 – Shoot at the golden hour

The hour just after sunrise and the hour before sunset is called the golden hour. I love to shoot at these times because the light at these times is softer. And the “golden” color will add warmth to your photos. The photos you take at sunrise and sunset will look completely different than the ones you take during the rest of the day.

Vacation Photography#4 – Edit your photos

Great photos don’t automatically happen, unless you happen to be a great photographer. And even then I’m pretty sure most photographers spend quite a bit of time editing their work before they share it. I use Photoshop for photos I take with my big DSLR. However, a lot of my vacation photography is simply done with my iPhone. When that’s the case I use a photo editing app called Snapseed. It doesn’t take long to make a huge difference in the look of your photos.

#5 – Plan ahead

If you know ahead of time where you will be going, take the time to investigate the coolest places to photograph. I recently went to Arizona and knew I was going to photograph the Grand Canyon. What I didn’t know is that there is an amazing place to photograph called Antelope Canyon. And because I didn’t research it ahead of time going there didn’t work with our travel plans. I won’t make that mistake on my next trip!

#6 – Plan to be in your photos

Get out from behind the camera and make sure some of your photos have you in them. I use the time on my DSLR and I also have a remote I can use with it. And I have no problem pulling out a selfie stick to take my picture. summer tripsWithout it my husband and I would not make it into very many photos together. And I want to have photos of us together!

These are my most important tips for my vacation photography. As I recently said in my Travel Resolutions of 2017, I am resolved to take better photos this year and document my memories! I can’t wait for my next trip.vacation photography

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