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Tips for Traveling Safely Alone

tips for traveling safely aloneI love to travel and do it often. I would hate to think that I couldn’t go somewhere because I didn’t have someone to go with me. I’m just too independent for that! When I travel for work I’m by myself so I have given lots of thought safety. Here are my best tips for traveling safely alone:

#1 – Plan ahead

I plan all parts of my trip ahead of time. Is my hotel convenient to where I want to go and in a safe area? Am I parking my car in a safe spot and will it still feel safe if I return at night?  I often leave my car at a train station before dark. But my return trip is almost always at night so I park near a lamp post where there is plenty of light. Not a big deal, just something that makes sense to do.

#2 – Be aware of your surroundings

Many of my trips are in an area that would definitely be considered “low crime”. But I still check the area out before parking and getting out of my car, especially at night.

#3 – Share your travel plans

I always let someone know when I should arrive at my destination and then I let them know I’ve safely arrived.

#4 – Don’t look lost or like a touristtips for traveling safely alone

Some things just shout tourist . . . a big map . . . a camera. Taking pictures is great, but walking around alone with your camera around your neck definitely labels you. And using the map on your phone is much more discrete when trying to find your way.

#5 – Be confident

It is important to look and be confident. You are much more likely to be bothered if you appear to be vulnerable. A big part of being confident is being prepared, which goes along with knowing where you are going. This is where planning ahead pays off.

#6 – Trust your intuition

I always check out the area before I walk somewhere or park my car. I have even circled the block in my car and waited a bit if I see someone on the street that makes me uncomfortable. I always believe it is better to be safe than sorry!

I feel completely confident when I travel. I know where I’m going and I pay lots of attention to what is going on around me. I make a point of not putting myself in dangerous situations. I even research websites for safety tips. Do you have any good ideas to make my travels safer?  Please share them with me in a comment!!!  Thanks!  And happy travels!!!

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