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9 Tips for Business Travel

I travel every week for work and I’ve got my routine down at this point. But whether you travel often or only occasionally, it’s always good to be reminded of anything that could make your trip easier. These are my favorite 9 tips for business travel:

I travel every week for work and I've got my go-to list of things I never leave home without. These are my favorite 9 tips for business travel.#1 – Buy a quality suitcase

I have been traveling every week for over six years and I believe in spending money for a good suitcase (with wheels). I always assume that I will have to replace it occasionally, but it’s worth paying more for something that is made to last longer. (I break a wheel occasionally as I bump across the train tracks, but that’s another story.) And I limit the size of my suitcase to one that I can carry onto a plane (which naturally limits how heavy it is). I am currently using an American Tourister suitcase that is holding up really well.

#2 – Think about emergencies

Most people traveling for business are traveling by themselves . . . think about having emergency contact information on your suitcase and in your phone. I keep my emergency contact information on a luggage tag attached to my suitcase and one attached to my computer bag.

#3 – Plan for the unexpected

I always have a black dress and heels with me so I never have to worry about an unexpected event that would require me to dress up. I actually have a sleeveless black dress that is wrinkle-resistant so it works well in the summer (and I can wear with a sweater in the winter).

#4 – Travel with sportswear

tennis shoes

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It is so nice to be able to change out of my work clothes after work. And wearing workout clothes encourages you to actually work out!

#5 – Limit your shoes

Much as I would like to travel with all sorts of options for shoes I limit myself to wearing one pair and packing another work pair plus my tennis shoes. Shoes are just too heavy  and take up too much room, which is a shame because I really like shoes!

#6 – Plan for the weather

I always check the weather where I’m going. And I always have a hat and umbrella with me even if the weather forecast says it’s going to be clear. Weather forecasters get it wrong all the time!


travel cup tips business travel

My favorite travel cup

#7 – Travel with a refillable bottle

I always start the trip with a bottle filled with ice (that seals shut) that I can add water or another beverage to it along the way. I keep it hooked to my bag with a clip so my hands are free to deal with my bags (and the umbrella the weatherman said I wouldn’t need).

#8 – Keep a backup charger

You never know when you won’t be able to find an electric outlet to charge your phone. I have a extra phone case that includes a battery backup (don’t forget to charge it!). I have spent hours on a delayed at an airport with limited outlets (and those were being hogged by other travelers). My backup saved the day. You can buy one through Amazon.

#9 – Plan for the irritating people you will encounter

I always travel with earplugs so I can read and concentrate without listening to the conversation next to me. That’s one bad thing about train travel . . . people can talk on their phones the entire time! (Luckily it doesn’t happen often, but I like to be prepared.) I also have earphones for my Kindle in case I want to watch a movie and tune out the people around me.

That’s it . . . those are my tips to make my business travel easier. I have no plans to stop traveling for work so I’m always on the lookout for anything that might make my trip easier. Do you have any great ideas for me? I’d love to hear them . . . please leave me a comment!






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