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How to Make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

thanksgiving centerpieceIt’s almost Thanksgiving and life seems to be getting very busy. Christmas will be here before we know it and we are already being bombarded with non-stop commercials and early decorating. In the midst of all the hustle, I decided to slow things down a bit and take a week off work to spend at home. I’ve had lots of projects to work on this week . . . but one thing I really wanted to get done was creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece for my table. Happily I have accomplished this!!! Here’s my “how-to for a very easy Thanksgiving centerpiece:

#1 – Start with a base

thanksgiving centerpieceI started with an old, wooden berry picking basket that I bought years ago at an antique store. As you can see the base is not in the greatest shape, but I love to color of the wood and that it has a handle (so I can move it around). It works well for a base but so would any sort of tray or box that goes with your decor.

#2 – Add florist foam

thanksgiving centerpieceI filled the entire box with foam so I would have a good base for the candles I wanted to use and so I would have something to anchor my fall leaves in.

#3 – Start with candles

thanksgiving centerpieceI carved out holes for my candles to secure them in place. I just used a knife to cut around the base of the candle so I would get the size right.thanksgiving centerpiece

thanksgiving centerpiece

#4 – Prepare filler pieces

thanksgiving centerpieceI started with bunches of fall leaves and berries and just used wire cutters to cut apart each individual stem. Because I waited so close to Thanksgiving to buy my supplies, I was able to buy everything at 80% off at Hobby Lobby!!! The candles were even 50% off because they were in the Christmas aisle.

thanksgiving centerpiece

#5 – Start arranging

thanksgiving centerpieceOnce everything was cut into individual stems I started arranging around the candles to hide the foam. I actually had to go and buy more leaves to finally get the whole basket full and the foam covered. I used a mixture of fall leaves, berries and grasses to make it look more interesting.thanksgiving centerpiece

As you can tell, this centerpiece was easy and fast to put together. It’s not too late to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece and you should be able to find what you need in the clearance aisle of some store while everyone else is crammed in the Christmas aisles.

thanksgiving centerpieceI love how my centerpiece looks on my table! Now I’m ready for company next week. The one thing I haven’t decided yet is if I should put the candles in glass holders for safety. I’m still giving that some thought. Any words of wisdom? Do you think it would be safer to enclose the candles?

 Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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