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    9 Tips for Business Travel

    I travel every week for work and I’ve got my routine down at this point. But whether you travel often or only occasionally, it’s always good to be reminded of anything…

  • There is a way to speed up things on my iPhone. Here are my 5 steps to create iPhone shortcuts:

    5 Steps to Create iPhone Shortcuts

    I get really busy most days, so I love anything that makes life easier. Or that lets me do something quicker. I would guess most people feel the same way. So…

  • Travel Cheaply

    7 Ways to Travel Cheaply

    I think about travel a lot. Traveling for business requires that. But it also gives me a lot of time to think about traveling for fun. And that leads me to look…

  • traveling safely solo
    Tips Travel

    Tips for Traveling Safely Alone

    I love to travel and do it often. I would hate to think that I couldn’t go somewhere because I didn’t have someone to go with me. I’m just too independent…

  • travel, friends
    Tips Travel

    Travel Tips for Stress-Free Travel

    If you travel often, or every week like I do, you will find yourself constantly searching for new ways to make your trip easier.  I know I do!  Here are my…

  • Tips Travel

    The Art of Packing a Hat

    I love hats . . . they are perfect for blocking the sun and hiding messy hair. Which means they are an absolute necessity on a trip, especially to the beach.…

  • travel scrapbook
    Scrapbooking Tips Travel

    Making a Travel Scrapbook

    I love to scrapbook and I love to travel…… it was inevitable that I would eventually start making travel scrapbooks. Now anytime I have a special trip to take I am…

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    Starlight Theatre in Kansas City

    I’m new to Kansas City and I love looking for new places and experiences. One of the things I have really enjoyed this summer is having season tickets at Starlight Theatre…