December Scrapbook Memories – 2014

December was such a busy month!!! In addition to all the holiday stuff and events, we went on a cruise right after Christmas. So now I’m back and trying to re-group and catch up with life. I just finished my December scrapbook and have enjoyed looking back over my scrapbook memories for the month. I truly believe that recording and documenting life is really, really important!

scrapbook memoriesOne of my favorite moments was going to see my goddaughter dance in the Nutcracker Ballet . . . it just seems crazy that she is getting so old! (She looks really tall here, but in reality she’s just sitting on the stage after the performance.) She did a fantastic job!

Another great moment in December was the day I got to move into my new studio. scrapbook memoriesWe have been planning the space for several years and actually building it for a few months, so finally getting to move my “stuff” in was fantastic! I still haven’t had much chance to get settled in, but I’m hoping will have a little time for that in January.

Later in the month I got the chance to work on a watercolor painting that my daughter and her fiance’ want to use on their wedding invitation. scrapbook memoriesThe wedding is in April, so the invitations will have to be mailed soon!

I’m also happy to report that I designed and printed my first blogging planner in December. I really needed a place to keep organized and couldn’t  find anything that was just right. So I made my own.scrapbook memories

Of course, the most important time in December was Christmas. We had lots of fun times with family and friends including a visit to the “magic tree” near our home after the Candlelight Christmas Eve service our church (It was 1:30 a.m. on Christmas Day by the time we got there, but memories were being made!) scrapbook memories

Right after Christmas we got to go on a fantastic trip that included lots of warm weather. Since wintertime in the Midwest is anything but warm, getting to get away from all the ice and snow was a treat.scrapbook memories

The beach at Grand Turk was beautiful and . . . Puerto Rico was lots of fun!scrapbook memories

And finally . . . we got to celebrate a great New Year’s Eve with friends . . . on a ship off the coast of Puerto Rico. It was a perfect end to a great month (and a great year)!scrapbook memories

It doesn’t seem possible that we are halfway through January already. Ever since the month started I have been dealing with computer issues . . . first at work and then on the blog. Nothing has been working quite right. Which is why I am just now posting my scrapbook memories for December. It was a great month and I’m happy to have (finally) recorded it in my scrapbook . . . now I’m off to document January. Finally!!!

Here’s to no more computer issues for the rest of the month!!!

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