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Road Trip to the Royal Gorge in Colorado

royal gorgeI have taken many trips to Colorado through the years. The majority of these trips were to go skiing and were, of course, in the winter. So a summer trip to Colorado was a new experience. And a visit to the Royal Gorge in Colorado left me wondering why I had not been there before!

It is breathtaking! It is probably a cliche’ to say so, but it really is. There is nothing quite like being 1000 feet high looking down on the Arkansas River as it winds through the granite cliffs of the Gorge. The Royal Gorge is approximately 10 miles long and is located west of Canon City, Colorado.

I am thankfully not afraid of heights so sitting on the edge of the gorge didn’t bother me . . . but I would say I was very careful not to slip!royal gorge

The bridge spanning the Royal Gorge was built in 1929 and is the highest suspension bridge in the United States. It is 1,270 feet in length and sits 956 feet above the Arkansas River and one of the deepest gorges in Colorado. Words really cannot describe this view. And pictures don’t do it justice.

royal gorge bridgeA wildfire in 2013 destroyed 48 of the 52 buildings in the park but the bridge itself had only 100 or so scorched boards that needed to be replaced. The bridge had been scheduled to reopen in May of 2014 but the opening was delayed. I actually visited one day before their “soft” re-opening and was disappointed to discover that I couldn’t walk across the bridge like I had hoped.

I am planning a return trip to see the bridge close up and get a chance to walk across it. I also had a chance to visit Pikes Peak on this trip but I’m wondering what other area sites should I see when I return.  Let me know if you have any must-see locations in Colorado for me.royal gorge

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