Photography Project 365 for 2016

Project 365 Photography Challenge

We are finally past the chaos and busyness of the holidays and I am all set to enjoy 2016. My photography challenge last year went fairly well, but I am making some changes as I embark on my Project 365 challenge for 2016. Here are project 365 photography challengemy new guidelines I’m trying to live by:

#1 – Be easier on myself

Last year I thought it was a good idea to write a blog post each week about the photos I had taken. The year started out OK, but the minute my life got busy I started to feel behind. And once I got behind I never felt like I was on top of the challenge. So this year I will NOT write a blog post each week. I’m not even going to try!

#2 – Take pictures I find interesting

I tried really hard in 2015 to take a picture each day that reflected the most important thing happening that day. But in reality not every day of life has something “really important” occurring.  My new resolution is to just take a picture everyday that somehow reflects my life, however boring it might be on a particular day.

project 365 photography challenge#3 – Post my photos daily on Instagram

I love Instagram. For someone like me who is a very visual person, Instagram is a perfect outlet. It is such a neat place to connect with other people who like the same things, whatever that happens to be. So not only do I follow friends and family on Instagram, I also follow people who are doing Project 365 challenges, people who just like to take photographs, people who like to scrapbook, etc. I think it’s inspiring to see what other people are doing.

project 365 photography challengeThat’s it. I have 3 guidelines for my challenge this year. It already feels different and more interesting to me and involves way less pressure!

I’d love to have you follow me on Instagram and see my daily photos. You can check up on my challenge at Here’s to a fun 2016!!!

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