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Project 365 Photography Challenge – Week 4

photography challenge

22/365 – Morning Frost

I am very excited that I have actually made it through 4 weeks of my photography challenge! More than anything I really hate to start something and not finish it, so I am going to just keep pushing along. I have two goals in mind . . .

  • to document my life . . . the interesting things and the ordinary, everyday things and
  • to learn more about photography

The hardest part of this photo challenge continues to be thinking  of something to take a photo of. So by the end of this week I had spent some time searching for inspiration. I have started following #project365 and #photographychallenge on Instagram for some visual inspiration. (You can see my Instagram here.)

I also went searching elsewhere and have found some photo prompts at lots of sites. My favorite find was a self-paced class at A Beautiful Mess. I liked it because there are only 52 weekly prompts instead of daily prompts. I don’t really need 365 prompts . . . that seems a little overwhelming. I think I would always feel like I was “behind”. So 52 prompts for some extra inspiration seemed right.

One thing I focused on this week was planning a photo each morning so I wasn’t scrambling by the end of the day to find a good photo opp. So here was my week . . . nothing special, just ordinary days . . .

Week 4 – 2015 Photography Challenge

22/365 . . . Morning Frost . . . I was really surprised that I was able to catch a shot of the frost on this leaf. It makes me want to try shooting frost again . . . maybe next week.

photography challenge

23/365 – Old Log Cabin

23/365 . . . I love the textures in this old log cabin. I would like it better if it wasn’t winter and there was some actual color here. Of course, color would mean it was spring, summer or fall and not dreary winter! This would probably have been a good photo to turn into black and white.

photography challenge

24/365 – Wesley Chapel

24/365 . . . This photo was taken at the Wesley Chapel at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. This is where I got married in 2011 and I love to stop by. It’s a beautiful place and I have great memories here!

photography challenge

25/365 – Frozen Stream

25/865 . . . I decided to take a frozen creek photo and turn it into a black and white shot. I like how dramatic it looks. I have been trying out a new photo app (Snapseed) that makes converting to a black and white shot an easy task.

photography challenge

26/365 – Morning Sunrise

26/365 . . . This morning sunrise was taken on my way to work. I had to take it quickly since I was in my car, stopped on the road, and hoping no one would drive up behind me!

photography challenge

27/365 – In the Park

27/365 . . . By the end of a mostly gray, cold week I was lacking in inspiration just a bit. I did see a light post on a walking path at a park that I liked. And the clouds were finally starting to clear, so at least the sky had some color in it.

photography challenge

28/365 – Lake in the Country

28/365 . . . Another shot on my way to work. It’s hard not to get excited these days anytime the sun comes out. I’m really ready for Spring.

I was actually happy with my photography challenge this week. I’m learning more about using photo editing apps than I knew before. And I am paying attention to my day and what’s going on around me, instead of spending the whole day focused on work. So all in all it was a good week.

You can go back and look if you missed last week’s challenge. Or if you wonder why I’m doing this at all you can check out my Project 365 Photography Challenge.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” . . . unknown

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