Photography Project 365 for 2015

Project 365 Photography Challenge-Week 20

I have been hard at work on my Project 365 Photography Challenge this week. I have my pictures

photography challenge

134/365 – On the Road

for each day, but I’m still getting caught up with editing and sizing them for a post. I’m so far behind with this that it’s actually been fun to look back several weeks and remember where I was and what I was doing. Here’s my photos for Week 20 . . .

Week 20 – Photography Challenge

134/365 . . . On the Road . . . This may not look like I’m on the road, but this is actually my travel printer. I’m busy here working on my scrapbook and sometimes printing as I ride on the train is the only time I have!

photography challenge

135/365 – Watercolor Flowers

135/365 . . . Watercolor Flowers . . . I love photos like this that look like a watercolor painting. Some day I hope to have time to paint again.

photography challenge

136/365 – To Be At Home

136/365 . . . To Be At Home . . . I’m gone from home so much . . . when I get home I enjoy the familiar sights.

137/365 . . . Color Closeup . . . Summer color at its best!!! Fall will be here before we know it and these sights will be gone.

photography challenge

137/365 – Color Closeup

photography challenge

138/365 – Gnome Display

138/365 . . . Gnome Display . . . I ran across this display near my office and it made me smile. The entire yard was filled with gnomes. I’m not really sure how they manage to mow around everything! 

139/365 . . .Charlie Gittos  . . . This is one of our favorite restaurants in St. Louis. We like it for special occasions and for a spontaneous last minute stop. The food is always good and the staff is great. This is where I got engaged and the waiter took pictures the whole time! On the day of this picture we just happened to be in St. Louis and decided it would be a good place to hang out.

photography challenge

139/365 – Charlie Gitto’s

photography challenge

140/365 – Bulletin Board Memories

140/365 . . . Bulletin Board Memories . . . I love this bulletin board is in my office. I’m pretty sure I found this one at Home Goods. It’s a magnetic chalkboard so it can be used lots of ways. (I removed the ugly twine hanger.)

One more week documented in my Project 365 Photography Challenge! Woo hoo!!! Maybe I’m on a roll??? 

If you missed Week 19 you can check it out here.

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm” 

. . . Winston Churchill

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