Photography Project 365 for 2015

Project 365 Photography Challenge-Week 17

I am back at my Project 365 Photography Challenge for Week 17. It was a pretty normal week as far as my weeks go. Lots of work and some fun with family and friends. So now I have some photos and some great memories!

photography challenge

113/365 – Pink Blooms

Week 17 – Photography Challenge

113/365 . . . Pink Blooms . . . I love the colors and details in this flower I saw while I was running errands and seeing customers. It’s seems like a very happy flower! I love Spring and Summer!

photography challenge

114/365 – Heading Home

114/365 . . . Heading Home . . . This is one on my favorite sights . . . the train arriving at my station in St. Louis on its way to Kansas City. This is how I travel for work each week so this train is here to take me home!

photography challenge

115/365 – Country Greeting

115/365 . . . Country Greeting . . . Finally . . . a day with blue sky and sunshine. We had a chance to take off and take a motorcycle ride and we were so excited. We really prefer riding back roads without the traffic and this is one of the sights we passed. We had to stop on the side of the road for a moment and the horses came over to say hello. 

photography challenge

116/365 – Harley Time

116/365 . . . Harley Time . . . The next day was Sunday and it was another beautiful day so off we went on the motorcycle again. We are so happy to have some decent weather to enjoy!!!

photography challenge

117/365 – Waiting on the Train

117/365 . . . Waiting On the Train . . . My husband is never happy to see me leave, but he’ll smile for a picture when I ask him to. . . 

photography challenge

118/365 – Nature’s Beauty

118/365 . . .Nature’s Beauty  . . . I had to stop by to see a customer and next to their front door is a lilac bush. This butterfly was just hanging out . . .

photography challenge

119/365 – Morning Mist

119/365 . . . Morning Mist . . . A scene on my way to work. I love the mist coming off this lake in the morning. This actually happens quite often.

There was nothing exceptional about Week 17, but there was some sunshine and a couple of motorcycle rides with my husband. We had a great weekend and I’m looking forward to next week!!!

If you missed Week 16 (and you’d like to check it out) you can see it here. We had a wedding in Week 16 so it was a great week!!!

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” 

. . . Dorothea Lange

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