Photography Project 365 for 2015

Project 365 Photography Challenge-Week 16

There’s nothing like having a wedding to give you something really fun and beautiful to photograph. This week of my Project 365 Photography Challenge was easier than most of the weeks have been . My daughter’s wedding was on the beach in Florida and it was a perfect trip and a perfect occasion!

Week 16 – Photography Challenge

photography challenge

106/365 – Goldfish Color

106/365 . . . Goldfish Color . . . The week didn’t start out in Florida. It started out like any other day at work. These goldfish live in a little pond outside one of my customers. I’ve never tried to photography fish in a pond, but it’s pretty hard to catch the fish just the way you want them . . . they do not pose well at all!!! 

photography challenge

107/365 – Red Dress Event

107/365 . . . Red Dress Event . . . I had lots of work to get done before I left for the wedding . . . but I also had to race back to Kansas City for the American Heart Association Red Dress Event. My bonus daughter was the guest speaker for the event and we wouldn’t wouldn’t have missed it! She did an awesome job!!!

photography challenge

108/365 – Destin View

108/365 . . . Destin View . . . Kansas City to St. Louis and finally to Destin. After all the rushing around and trying to get work done we finally arrived in Florida. This was the view from our balcony.

photography challenge

109/365 – Sky High

109/365 . . . Sky High . . . This photo wasn’t too bad considering I was on the ground when I took it and the parasail was pretty far away. I wish my long lens had been on my camera at the time, but it was fun to take anyway.

photography challenge

110/365 – Destin Sunset

110/365 . . . Destin Sunset . . . The beach at Destin is beautiful and the sky at sunset looked pink that night. The sailboat going by was advertising one of the bride and groom’s favorite restaurants . . . 

photography challenge

111/365 – Wedding Celebration

111/365 . . .Wedding Celebration  . . . The bride and groom at sunset on their wedding day. The weather turned out perfect . . . as did everything else. It was a great day! The official wedding photography took much better photos, but as the mother of the bride I had to take some of my own. Great memories!

photography challenge

112/365 – Farewell

112/365 . . . Farewell . . . This is the walkway from where we stayed to the beach (and the walkway for the bride). The sky and the water were perfect this morning before we headed back to the airport to fly home.

Week 16 was a special week to take photos. I’m sure I will have several other trips this year, but I won’t have another beach wedding so this week will always stand out.

However, Week 17 definitely had some fun things to photograph as well, so check back in a few days to see what I saw.

If you missed Week 15 (and you’d like to check it out) you can see it here.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away” 

. . . William Shakespeare

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