Photography Project 365 for 2015

Project 365 Photography Challenge-Week 15

My Project 365 Photography Challenge is moving along. I’m really not sure I understood just how hard doing a challenge like this would be when I started. Life gets so busy and it definitely gets in the way of fun things! I have an easier time on days where I see something to photograph early in day. Otherwise I find myself a little stressed wondering what I’m going to take a photo of. It’s always a relief when I get my photo taken for the day!!!

Week 15 – Photography Challenge

photography challenge

99/365 – Farmer’s Market

99/365 . . . Farmer’s Market . . . I love the look of Farmer’s Markets . . . colorful vegetables, flowers, spices, etc. I don’t actually buy a lot of vegetables (since I don’t have a chance to cook at home much), but I love the look.

photography challenge

100/365 – Unity Doorway

100/365 . . . Unity Doorway . . . Unity Village is located in the Kansas City area. It is a 1,200 acre complex with buildings that have a Mediterranean-style and it the spiritual home of the Unity Movement. 

photography challenge

101/365 – Snow White’s Cottage

101/365 . . . Snow White’s Cottage . . . This really isn’t Snow White’s cottage, of course, but I think I looks like it should be! This is also on the campus at Unity Village and I decided I had to go back and take a few more pictures. It is a really interesting place to walk around.

photography challenge

102/365 – Watercolor Flowers

102/365 . . . Watercolor Flowers . . . I used to paint a lot and this closeup reminds me of a painting. Makes me a little sorry I don’t have time to paint right now. (I took this with the macro lens attachment on my iPhone.)

photography challenge

103/365 – Window Portrait

103/365 . . . Window Portrait . . . The light was good . . . the subject was cute! Can’t beat having something cute to take a picture of.

photography challenge

104/365 – Train Love

104/365 . . . Train Love . . . I love the train . . . I really don’t know what I would do without it. It gets me back and forth between St. Louis and Kansas City each week and it keeps me from having to drive. Woo hoo!

photography challenge

105/365 – Spring Landscape

105/365 . . . Spring Wildflowers . . . The week ended with beautiful wildflowers by a stream.  Love it!

Week 15 is in the books and I’m moving on to Week 16. Week 16 definitely had some fun sights to photograph!

If you missed Week 14 (and you’d like to check it out) you can see it here.

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” 

. . . Christopher Columbus


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