Photography Project 365 for 2015

Project 365 Photography Challenge-Week 14

I have another week finished for my Project 365 Photography Challenge! The exclamation point is to emphasize my excitement at moving closer to getting caught up. I’m not used to being behind on my to-do list so this has really been bugging me! One more week closer to being caught up.

Week 14 – 2015 Photography Challenge

photography challenge

92/365 – Orange Blooms

92/365 . . . Orange Blooms . . . It’s Easter Week and it looks like Spring is here to stay. I am so ready for warm weather!

photography challenge

93/365 – Sunlit Birches

93/365 . . . Sunlit Birches . . . There aren’t many leaves out yet, but the sunlight on these trees was beautiful. 

94/365 . . . Easter Sunday . . . I love being able to take a photo anytime I want! People have made fun of me and my selfie stick, but it is so much fun to take a photo with my husband without having to find someone to take it. Priceless!

photography challenge

94/365 – Easter Sunday

photography challenge

95/365 – St. Louis Skyline

95/365 . . . St. Louis Arch . . . I snapped this shot while stuck in traffic. I like it a lot for a quick highway photograph.

photography challenge

96/365 – Closeup View

96/365 . . . Closeup View . . . Every time I use my macro lens attachment on my iPhone I love the photograph. I need to use this more often.

photography challenge

97/365 – Details

97/365 . . . Details . . . Another shot with the macro lens.

98/365 . . . After the Storm . . . It’s hard to believe that this was the sunset after the worse hail storm I have ever seen!

photography challenge

99/365 – After the Storm

I am excited to have Week 14 posted! This is going to be my week to get caught up. And then I get to stop thinking about getting caught up! Which is even more exciting!!!

 If you missed Week 13 you can see it here. Hope you’re having a good week too! Enjoy the weekend!!!

“When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.” 

. . . unknown




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