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Pikes Peak – A Colorado Motorcycle Adventure

Pikes PeakPikes Peak in Colorado has an altitude of 14,110 feet. For this reason alone it seemed like the perfect destination for a motorcycle adventure. At least that’s what my husband thought. I was less sure, but I do like a good adventure so off we went.

Pikes PeakWe started the ride from Colorado Springs, heading west 15 minutes on Highway 24. The elevation at the entrance to the park is 7,400 feet . . . from there it’s all uphill. I had researched the weather before we went so I was prepared for the high temperature (in August) to be 44 degrees. Since we were riding the motorcycle we were completely decked out in gear to keep us warm. (There were lots of people at the summit who didn’t come quite that prepared and looked pretty cold.)

Pikes PeakThe winding road to the top is 19 miles and has lots of places to pull over and enjoy the view. Pikes PeakI’ve had quite a few people ask me if I was nervous on the ride but I can truthfully say I wasn’t. Lots of the turns have guardrails and the road itself is engineered so that you are going up very gradually. Even coming down was not hair-raising. I was a lot more nervous on our recent trip in and around the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you missed that post you can read more about it here. (I might have glossed over being nervous a little in that post so I didn’t worry my mom!)

Pikes PeakThere were a few times during the trip that I looked away from the road and caught a glimpse of the edge of the mountain dropping off. And a few times I actually thought . . . “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” But overall it was great. I’ve been to Colorado many times but it has always been in the winter to ski. This was a completely different trip and one I’m really glad I got to take.

Riding the motorcycle up Pikes Peak was an awesome experience. But you can also drive, bike and run or walk up the mountain. Next time I go I plan to try something completely different . . . I want to take the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. The trip lasts 3 hours and includes a layover at the summit. I think it will be interesting to see the view from the train instead of the back of a motorcycle. And I know I’ll be able to shoot some different photos that way.

Pikes PeakI’m already planning a trip back to Colorado. Where else should I go?






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