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The Art of Packing a Hat

packing a hatI love hats . . . they are perfect for blocking the sun and hiding messy hair. Which means they are an absolute necessity on a trip, especially to the beach. Since I’ve been to the beach many times, I’ve had plenty of experience trying to pack a hat. Some attempts have been disastrous, but I have finally perfected the art of packing a hat!

#1 – Pick the right hat

I have packed and ruined quite a few hats. I now prefer a hat that doesn’t have a wire in the brim. Theoretically you would think that a wire brim would be a good thing because you could bend it back into shape when you arrived at your destination. But in my experience the hat just never looks quite as good as it did before it got bent.

#2 – Create a cushion layer

Choose some  soft clothes to place in the bottom of your suitcase to act as a cushion.

#3 – Use tissue paperart of packing a hat

Pack tissue in the top of the hat before turning it over and placing it upside down in the center of your suitcase.

#4 – Protect the crevices

art of packing a hat

Pack tissue inside the crevices of the hat to protect the shape

#5 – Protect the inside of the hat

I like to roll and stuff soft clothing items in the hat until it’s full and its shape is protected.

#6 – Support the brimart of packing a hat

Next pack clothes all around the outside of the hat to support the brim.

#7 – Protect the outer layer of your suitcase

If you’ve ever watched baggage being loaded on a plane you know that it is just thrown on the conveyer belt. It is definitely not handled gently. So I like to pack something flat on top of the hat to provide even more protection before I shut my suitcase.

art of packing a hatHere’s my hat . . . in perfect shape upon my arrival at the beach. Now I’m ready for some time in the sun.  Good luck with your next trip and I hope your hat survives!!!

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