November Scrapbook Memories – 2014

scrapbook memoriesNovember felt like it went by very quickly! My scrapbook memories for November show pages and pages of projects and some fun Thanksgiving times with friends and family. There are a lot of things I want to remember and I’m so thankful they are in my scrapbook for November!

(I make a color copy of my scrapbook each month, spiral bind it and mail it to my mom so she gets to see what I’m up to. . . since she is NOT a Facebook user). 

The month started off with my anniversary.  scrapbook memoriesUsually we go on a trip to celebrate, but this year I had to work. I did received some beautiful flowers . . . but next year I see a beach in my future for early November!

Most of the month I spent any free time I had at home working on my new studio. The walls are up and painted and have slatwall on the upper portion so I can use pegs to hang things and move shelves around as the mood strikes me. The floor scrapbook memoriesis in as well and the closet is finished! December will have us installing a U-shaped countertop and finishing my worktable. And then I get to move all my “stuff” in. Can’t wait!  It is going to look awesome when it’s done and be so incredibly organized so I can finally find all of my things!

I also took time in November to decorate my front porch and create a table centerpiece to use at Thanksgiving. I don’t always have time for extra projects at home since I’m traveling for work so much, but this year I scheduled in some project time!scrapbook memories

Thanksgiving was, of course, a really busy time. We had celebrations in 2 different cities with both sides of our families.  And we got to tailgate in Columbia, Missouri for the Mizzou vs. Arkansas game (which we won!) and see even more friends and family. I even made it by one tailgate to see a very special, dear old friend. He is retired now but he used to be the head of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Missouri in Columbia. I am so thankful I had a chance to see him!

scrapbook memories

With an old friend, former head of the Mechanical Engineering Department

November was a great month and I’m so happy to have lots of memories saved in my scrapbook!

Now I’m looking forward to an amazing December! It’s time to put up my tree, wrap gifts and plan more time with friends and family. Here’s to an amazing December! Enjoy!!!

scrapbook memoriesscrapbook memories



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