My Favorite iPhone Photo App

I love to push myself to accomplish something or to learn something new. That is one of the reasons I like to do a photography challenge each year with the goal of taking a photo every day to document my life. Some weeks are more difficult than others, but one of the really neat things I have discovered along the way is a photo editing app that has quickly become my favorite iPhone photo app.

iphone photo editing appI originally thought I would take most of my photography challenge photos with my DSLR. However, because I don’t always have it with me AND because I travel for work and it is kind of heavy to lug around, I find myself more and more taking photos with my phone.

This has really happened more frequently since I discovered a really amazing photo editing app that I can use on my phone. Snapseed. It is truly awesome and I have only begun to touch on its capabilities!

The moment I really got hooked was when I was in Florida finishing up the final details for my daughter’s wedding. We had gone out to a bakery to try the cupcakes she was thinking of ordering. I took some shots with my DSLR and then a snapped a few shots with my phone and just started playing around with the photo in Snapseed.

Turns out that Snapseed had an editing option that allowed me to focus in on one section of the photo and blur out the rest. It was as if I had my long lense on my DSLR and was zooming in on my subject while creating a blurred background. But I was able to create this instead with only my phone. Amazing!!! I was completely hooked.

The app has lots of other editing options. You can straighten, crop, lighten, add more color or contrast, etc. I am just beginning to learn how to use the app and all its options. And best of all . . . it’s free at the app store.

iphone photo editing app

Leaf – before sample

One of my favorite editing options is the ability to correct the color in my original photos. For some reason my original photos often looked washed out. I have discovered that by simply taking the photo into the Snapseed app I can instantly “correct” the color to what it actually looks like in real life. And it just takes a moment to correct.

iphone photo editing app

Leaf – after sample

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the app you can find a great tutorial from the iPhone Photography School. It has certainly inspired me!!!

iPhone photo app

Flower – before sample

There are some other interesting and fun apps out there for photo editing, but Snapseed is definitely the one I turned to first.

iPhone photo app

Flower – after sample

Do you have a great app you like to use to edit your phone photos? I would love to hear about it! Please leave me a message!

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