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Mail Basket DIY

This may seem like a silly thing to be bothered with . . . but I just hate my mail laying around. You know what I mean. You get it out of the outside mail box, bring it inside and then . . . just lay it mail basket diydown somewhere. At some point you take time to look through it and decide what to throw away . . . and then you lay the rest down again. In a pile. Somewhere. I had been doing this in my new home for quite awhile until I finally decided to get organized and do something about the piles. That’s when I came up with my mail basket diy.

I first had to decide where I wanted my mail to go. In my case I eventually wanted it to go to my office which happens to be downstairs at our house. That was part of the problem . . . I really didn’t want to walk downstairs every time I get the mail.

My solution was to come up with a place to put the mail near the steps going downstairs. I decided on a metal basket hanging on hooks.

mail basket diyThe hooks were easy to find at Hobby Lobby and I also got the metal frame for the tag there. The frame is attached with little metal brads that came with the frame (and that I found in the scrapbooking department).

The basket was a little harder to locate. I was looking for a basket that wasn’t too wide, so I wouldn’t bump into it every time I went down the steps. I finally located the perfect one at an antique store in the West Bottoms of Kansas City.

mail basket diyOnce I had all the pieces it was a pretty simple task to hang the basket and attach the tag. mail basket diyI printed the word “MAIL” out on cardstock and trimmed it to fit.

mail basket diyI couldn’t be happier to have a place to finally put the mail. As I said . . . it seems like a little thing, but it is so nice not to have piles of mail laying around!

If only the solution to the rest of life’s problems were this easy to solve!!!

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