Loft Renovation – Week 5

This week marks Week 5 in my loft renovation. I’m sorry to say Week 3 and 4 were completely uneventful. I’m assuming the lack of progress for the last 2 weeks was due to Christmas and New loft renovationYears . . . but who didn’t just LOVE back to back short weeks! I’m just back from Key West and ready to start pushing for some progress in this renovation!!!

The good news this week is that the local building inspector has finished the review of my plans and I should be able to get a building permit this week.

As I keep working toward progress it occurs to me that I haven’t yet shared the actual plans for the lofts. Each space has a different floor plan . . . . . the biggest determining factor in the layouts has to do with working around the existing windows and wall.

Construction costs are being helped by using existing walls wherever possible. The less demo the less cost. I was lucky that we were able to allocate space in each loft fairly evenly even with the restrictions of windows and renovation

loft renovationThe existing railing on the steps will remain as it is. I have chosen to construct a wall several feet away from the rail so the original entrance will remain the same. That new wall does give me the opportunity to add more light to the entrance. I plan to use the wall to create a gallery of artwork or photographs. I think some large photos of local scenes would look great there . . . probably black and white prints.

My business is located on the first floor of the building and since I travel to Farmington to work each week I will be using Loft #1 when I am in town. (In case you didn’t know . . . I live in the Kansas City area on the weekends.) I am pretty excited to have my office so convenient. I won’t even have to go outdoors to get to work in bad weather!!!

I am happy to say that we were able to design laundry rooms in each loft. I would have a hard time renting a space without my own laundry so I decided that including this was a necessity. 

loft renovationLoft #2 is a one bedroom unit.  There you will walk into the living/dining space with the kitchen off to the left and the bedroom and bath off to the right. This loft also has a “bedroom nook” that will be large enough for a desk or other furniture which will provide an additional space to relax or work.

Loft #2 has exposed brick on all the exterior walls. The west side of the building is next to another 2 story building so that side does not have any windows. The space is well lit, however, with 3 skylights and a window in the bedroom nook.

loft renovationLoft #3 will also be a one bedroom unit. As you enter that loft the living/dining/kitchen spaces will be to your left and the bedroom and bath to your right. This unit has exposed brick on all the outside walls and plenty of windows.

loft renovationAngusFergussonOne of the most exciting plans for the renovation involves building some outside living space with a rooftop deck. The blue shaded area on the plans is a new landing for access to the deck. The existing windows in the building are large and the window at the back of the building will be removed and replaced with a door. I’m  really looking forward to having an outside space even though the building is in the middle of the downtown area. This finished deck photo is what I picture the deck looking like. I’ll have to have a privacy fence to the west to block the view of the neighboring building roof and for security.

So there are the plans for each of the lofts. I will be looking for some really nice people to be my neighbors. (Neighbors who don’t smoke or have pets.) If you or someone you know is interested in renting Loft #2 or #3 you can call my office at 573-756-4800 and leave me a message!

I have my fingers crossed that the new walls will start being built next week. Hoping that happens!!!

If you missed the details of Week 1 and Week 2 you should check them out.


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