Loft Renovation – Week 1

I have just started a project that I have been hoping to take on for several years. I am starting a loft loft renovationrenovation in a downtown, historic building I have owned for 22 years. I am so excited to get started!

The building was built in 1890 and was home to the Fischer Mercantile Company, which I believe sold food, general merchandise and necessities. The back portion of the building was a feed renovation

The second floor of this building was probably home to the store owner. In the years that I have owned the building the upstairs space was utilized as office space. Now it is slated to become 3 loft apartments.

The brick walls have already been exposed. The original floors will be sanded down and stained. Week 1 of the project has included demolition of any current walls that won’t be needed. As a cost saving measure the renovations were designed to reuse as many of the existing walls as possible.

loft renovationIn the first loft one wall was removed to open up the living and dining space to the kitchen. Another wall was partially opened up to create a hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom.

All the kitchens and bathrooms in each loft will be new construction. The old office space had only 1 small kitchen area and 1 bathroom. Those spaces are being completely removed to allow for the new design.

loft renovation

Country Homes

The ceilings will be painted black. This photo from Country Home shows what I hope the finished kitchens will look like with black cabinets and a white counter. I plan for all of the lighting to be as “industrial looking” as possible.

loft renovation

Photo by Raquel Bianca

I’m considering a look with black, white and wood for the bathrooms, though I don’t think I would use a vanity with open shelving. Right now I am busy picking out vanities, sinks, light fixtures, appliances, etc. I have 3 of everything to buy and I’ve had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of my choices. It’s really fun . . . in a slightly overwhelming way!

loft renovationNext week I am hoping for the demolition to be finished and the new walls to start being framed. I am anticipating this loft renovation will take 8 to 10 weeks. I’m hoping everything goes as planned!

I would love to hear any words of wisdom from anyone who has done some major renovations in an old building before. Please let me a comment if you have any ideas for me.

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