3 Lessons From a Child’s Birthday Party

child birthday partyA child’s birthday party isn’t ordinarily a time when you would expect to be learning life lessons, but I recently did just that. Here are my 3 lessons from a child’s birthday party that I think can be applied to life as well:

#1 – Keep Life Simple

Sometimes in life we are so busy trying to make a moment “special” we drive ourselves crazy with a long list of things we “should” do. This thinking is easy to get caught up in when it comes to a child’s birthday party. There are invitations, decorations, food, gifts, outfits and treat bags, etc. It’s easy to want to keep doing more and more to make it “special” It should be special . . . just don’t drive yourself crazy with preparations.

#2 – Remember What’s Important

The child’s birthday party I went to was the 3rd birthday party for my husband’s granddaughter . . . my “bonus” granddaughter, Kinley. This party seemed even more important to everyone there because it had been postponed for almost 2 months due to a family crisis. So we were all very excited for this party to finally happen. Kinley understood very well that this was “her” day! She saw all the decorations and the cake. She was happy to have treat bags to give her friends. But I’m not sure “more” or “better” decorations would have made her happier. At 3, she seemed to think things were just perfect. The important thing was that we got to celebrate.

#3 – Treasure Friendshipslessons child birthday party

I believe it is people and relationships that are important. It was important to Kinley to have her family and friends with her on her special day. And it was very important to me to be there and to share to moment with her.

After leaving the birthday party we had to rush home to get ready for friends coming to dinner. That’s when I started thinking about lessons learned from the party and how they could be applied to other areas of life . . .

I could have planned a big, elaborate dinner but I knew I should keep it simple because there would not have been time between the party and dinner to cook a lot. The last thing I wanted was to feel stressed about dinner and to be tied to the kitchen and distracted when our friends arrived. So dinner was simple . . . a salad made in advance, meat cooked on the grill and a couple of quick side dishes. We were completely ready long before our friends arrived.

We hadn’t seen our friends in weeks because of our busy schedules. I just wanted to see them. That was what was important. Not a fancy meal or table.

I believe friendships are important and that you have to make time for them. Our friends would have been perfectly happy if we had served take-out pizza . . . they just wanted to spend time with us!

In the end, the day turned out great. We got to spend time with our friends and Kinley got to celebrate her birthday. The last thing I heard her say before we left was . . . “I’m so happy to be at my party!

She was happy and so were we.

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