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My Favorite Beach – Half Moon Cay

half moon cayI love to travel and I would go almost anywhere. I especially like to go to places with warm weather, particularly when it is cold where I live. I recently had the chance to go on a cruise and one of my favorite stops was Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas.

You know how the saying goes . . . “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. I certainly haven’t been everywhere . . . and I certainly haven’t been to every beach, but my new favorite beach is at Half Moon Cay.

half moon cayHalf Moon Cay is a private island that is owned by Holland America Cruise Line. I don’t usually like the private islands that cruise lines stop at . . . they seem a little fake. You know . . . not a “real” town but someplace the ship stopped to get people to spend more money on excursions.

However, even if Half Moon Cay only exists as a stop for a cruise ship it was worth the stop to see such a beautiful beach.

Half Moon Cay, also known as Little San Salvador Island, is located about 100 miles southeast of Nassau. I had no idea when I left on our cruise that this island was so beautiful.  The water was so blue and clear . . . if I had known the water was going to be so amazing I would have definitely planned to snorkel here. This would have been a great place to spend money on an excursion!

half moon cayThe island is made up of 2,400 acres, but the cruise line has only developed 50 acres. There is no deep water for docking an enormous cruise ship so cruise ship passengers have to use tenders to get to and from the island. This took a little time, but the views of the island as we approached were really fun to see and photograph.

The sand on the beach may be the softest I have ever encountered. Besides snorkeling there were lots of other ways to enjoy the island. You can scuba dive, go jet skiing, kayaking or even bicycling. Next trip I plan to do a horseback ride where you actually get to ride the horse into the ocean. I’ve always wanted to do that!

half moon cayAll in all, it was a great stop on our cruise. I’ll just have to get over my disappointment at not getting to snorkel or horseback ride by planning a trip back!

Have you ever been there? What was your favorite thing to do?

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