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Garden of the Gods in Colorado

garden of the godsThe Garden of the Gods in Colorado is a location that everyone should have on their bucket list of places to travel. My other stops in Colorado were great, but this was a truly unique place.

We made Colorado Springs our jumping off point for several excursions, including the one to the Garden of the Gods. Much of the land in the park was given to the City of Colorado Springs in 1909 with the provision that it be kept as a free, public park. It is also a designated National Natural Landmark.

garden of the godsThe park is an amazing display of red, pink and white sandstones and limestone that has been pushed vertically by geographic shifts along a natural fault line. Some of the formations are 300 ft. tall. There is a paved 1.1 mile trail through the main section of the park that is wheelchair accessible and you can even go rock climbing (with a permit).

If I were a rock climber, the Garden of the Gods would have to be on my to-do list. I got to watch several climbers the day I was there and it looked very challenging. Climbers are required to follow climbing regulations and garden of the godsguidelines, use proper equipment, climb with a “buddy” and stay on established climbing routes. In other words, you have to know what you are doing.

I didn’t really know what to expect on my visit so I did decide that a return trip would include the following:

#1 – a hat to shade me from the intense sun

#2 – sunscreen

#3 – a water bottle

#4 – shoes made for walking/hikinggarden of the gods

I did show up with my camera so I had an awesome time taking pictures. On my next trip I would also like to stop at the Visitor Center, which is located before you actually enter the park. It has exhibits, a short movie to see (“How Did Those Red Rocks Get There”), a store and a cafe where you can eat and enjoy a view of the park. 

Garden of the Gods looks like a perfect place to film a movie . . . when I checked I discovered that the 1994 mini-series “The Stand” by Stephen King had filmed there. I remember reading the book years ago but now I think I might see if I can find the mini-series to watch. The scenery would be worth seeing again, in person or on of the gods 



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