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Cruises – A Great Way to Travel

Cruises have been one of my favorite ways to to travel for a long time. Sometimes it is the perfect way to get away for a few days and enjoy some warm weather. In fact, my husband and I are doing just that in another week and I’m really looking forward to getting away! (I survived jury duty and the flu last month!!!)  Here are 3 reasons why I think cruises are a great way to travel:

cruises#1 – Convenience and Ease

My husband and I have cruised by ourselves and with friends and family. One of the nicest perks on a cruise is that people of all ages and activity levels can enjoy themselves. Once you make it on the ship and set sail you just relax and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to mess with your luggage again and unpack and re-pack as you move around on the trip.

I have cruised with my mom and she will pick and choose excursions during the day that fit her interests while I might go off and snorkel for the day. We both get to enjoy ourselves and then meet up for dinner at night and share our day with each other.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro#2 – Variety of Locations

Sometimes I pick a cruise because of the locations the ship is scheduled to visit. Taking a cruise is an easy way to visit a lot of interesting locations in a short amount of time that would be impossible to accomplish traveling any other way.

#3 – Economical

The last cruise my husband and I took was booked at the last minute to celebrate our anniversary. We knew we wanted to take a trip, but we just hadn’t settled on a place to go. I started browsing itineraries on a couple of cruise lines that we like and started to find some great deals. Cruise lines do not like to leave without all of their cabins booked, so at the last minute you can sometimes snag a great deal. We managed to find a 5 day cruise for $199 each plus port charges and taxes. It would be hard to go anywhere for 5 days and only spend $199 each. It even had a stop in Key West which is one of our favorite places!

vacation bucket listI hope I’ve given you a few reasons to consider taking a cruise. If you do decide to go you can check out my Cruise Packing Tips for some additional help. And you should also read How To Plan a Cruise for more details. Let me know if you find any great places I should consider visiting on my next cruise!Signature-option1

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