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Craft Room Organizing Ideas – Storage Cabinet Re-Do

craft room organizing ideasI have been planning a craft room in my home for 3 years. I’m really surprised it has taken so long to actually make this happen, but in my defense my husband and I travel every week for work and don’t get to spend as much time as we like at home. I have spent a lot of time thinking about craft room organizing ideas, so when I spied an old map cabinet in an antique store I knew I had found a treasure that would find a home in my new studio. It is the perfect piece to add some organization in my craft room.

The cabinet had seen better days. It was covered in at least 3 layers of thick paint, but I knew the large, shallow drawers would be a great place to store supplies. I started removing the paint with a stripper one very hot day. But then the very next day I had to pack for a trip and leave the project unfinished.

craft room organizing ideasLucky for me, my husband stepped in and finished the very messy job of removing the paint.

Next he removed all of the hardware to clean it up. As you can see from the pictures, there are 8 drawers with 2 handles each. And each drawer also has a spot to add a label. And since each piece of hardware was held on with 4 screws, my husband had to strip the paint off and clean 96 tiny, tiny little screws! It was nothing short of a labor of love!craft room organizing ideas

The cabinet and all the drawers were painted with a Rust-Oleum Hammered-Finish gray spray paint. The paint is amazing at hiding flaws and imperfections (though my husband is a perfectionist and actually spent hours sanding the cabinet before he painted it). Then he carefully replaced all the hardware with the 96 tiny screws. The finished cabinet is amazing! I’m planning to use it to store my stamps and stamp pads I use for scrapbooking and making cards.craft room organizing ideas

It is worth keeping your eyes open to find an old piece that can be repurposed for a new task. I am so happy I saw the possibilities in this old cabinet! (And equally happy I didn’t have to do all the messy work to re-do it.) Let me know if you have used any old pieces of furniture in a new way for storage. My new studio is almost finished and I’ll be busy soon getting all my “stuff” organized.

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