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Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Kim Six Fix Christmas Porch DecoratingDecember is here and I’m finally ready to start decorating for Christmas. I’ve put it off this year because I had company coming to my house the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I didn’t want to be right in the middle of decorating and having to cook for one final Thanksgiving dinner. So I put it off and now I’m pushing myself to come up with some beautiful Christmas Porch decorating ideas. I think I’ve found some fun ones and now I can’t wait to get started this weekend and put my own twist to my Christmas decorating!

This first idea came from The Kim Six Fix. I love garland, but I’ve always preferred to use fake ones so they can be re-used each year. Her idea to add some fresh items to a fake garland is the perfect mix for me. It really makes the whole arrangement more interesting because the problem with most fake garlands is their lack of variety. With this idea you could make your garland just a little different each year just by added a different mix of fresh items.

In My Own Style Porch Light decorationsNext I ran across a really pretty (and easy looking) idea to decorate my porch lights from In My Own Style. I’ve always resisted decorating my porch lights because I never got much farther than putting bows on them. This look with the full greenery is much, much better! And it looks much more elaborate than it really is, which is perfect for me.

Creek Line House Christmas UrnThe Creek Line House put together a simple Christmas urn decoration that would be perfect sitting next to my front door. Not a lot of work but it would add some nice color to a porch.

And finally, I needed a couple of ideas for decorating lanterns for my front porch. I just bought some new lanterns at Ikea (which I love) and I’ve been really looking forward to decorating with them. Dimples & Tangles Christmas LanternDimples and Tangles has a couple of cute ideas. HGTV Christmas LanternAnd I found a really simple, but classic idea at HGTV.

I’m glad I waited for Thanksgiving to be over, but now I’m excited to get going on my Christmas decorating! Just like my Fall Porch Decorating, I’m determined not to be the neighborhood slacker when it comes to decorating my front porch for Christmas. Good luck with your own decorating and let me know if you have any other good ideas for me!

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