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    9 Tips for Business Travel

    I travel every week for work and I’ve got my routine down at this point. But whether you travel often or only occasionally, it’s always good to be reminded of anything…

  • packing motorcycle trip
    Tips Travel

    Packing For a Motorcycle Trip

    A Girl’s Guide . . . I’ve been on lots of trips before . . . but I have not ever been on an extended, overnight motorcycle trip. This is definitely…

  • It is a challenge to get things done and stay focused while traveling. Here are my 7 tips on how to stay productive while traveling.
    Tips Travel

    How to Stay Productive While Traveling

    It is a challenge to stay productive and focused when I am constantly traveling. It requires a huge amount of self-discipline and I’m not always completely successful. But after 6 years I am…

  • There is a way to speed up things on my iPhone. Here are my 5 steps to create iPhone shortcuts:

    5 Steps to Create iPhone Shortcuts

    I get really busy most days, so I love anything that makes life easier. Or that lets me do something quicker. I would guess most people feel the same way. So…

  • One day is obviously not long enough to see any city, let alone Miami. But f you have a chance to go, here's a quick guide on how to spend a day in Miami.
    Places Tips Travel

    Miami – A Quick Guide

    One day is obviously not long enough to see any city, let alone Miami. But since I was leaving on a cruise the next day I didn’t want to waste the trip…

  • Planning a Trip to Key West
    Places Tips Travel

    Planning a Trip to Key West

    It’s time again for me to start planning a trip to Key West. I’ve been several times and it is one of my favorite places! The weather is fantastic and it…

  • How to Plan a Cruise
    Tips Travel

    How to Plan a Cruise

    I have taken quite a few cruises over the years and I think I am getting pretty good at planning for a cruise. My next one is coming up in just…