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Tips for Taking Better iPhone Photos

better iphone photosI love to take photos. If given a choice and time I much prefer to use my DSLR. But there are lots of moments in life where your only choice is to grab your phone and quickly capture the moment. So I have begun a search for the best tips for taking better iPhone photos that I can find. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

#1 – Make sure you keep the lens clean

You never know what dirt and grime has gotten on your lens while your camera is stuck in your pocket or thrown in your purse.

#2 – Keep things simple

Choose your subjects with simplicity in mind . . . one clear subject . . . minimal background clutter, etc. You will be much happier with your photos if you don’t try to capture too much at one time.

better iPhone photos#3 – Avoid using the front-facing camera lens

It’s fun to take pictures to document where you’ve been . . . just keep in mind that your resolution from the front-facing lens will never be as good as you will get with the regular lens. The first picture in this post was taken by our waiter as we dined for our anniversary. It’s not a great photo (at all!!!) but I’m happy to have it since it’s all I have of that moment other than this terrible selfie. You can see how much grainier this second photo was. I only wish I could have told our waiter how to get my phone to take a better photo so the first photo could have been better!

#4 – Focus

Tap on the part of the photo you want to be in the best focus to activate the camera’s focus feature before taking your picture. You also need to remember that the camera doesn’t actually take the photo until you remove your finger so you need to hold still for a moment while the camera snaps the photo.

better iPhone photos

Photo without any improvements

#5 – Pick your lighting and avoid a flash if possible

If possible, position your subject so you are taking advantage of any natural light available. Avoid sunny or direct light if you can. Indirect and soft lighting will always be more flattering. And by avoiding the flash whenever possible you’ll avoid those crazy “demon” eyes that show up so often.

You can also lighten up your photo by touching a dark portion of your screen and the camera will adjust to lighten the photo up. Or touch a light spot to darken the picture. This first photo of the flowers was taken without any attempts to improve it.  

better iPhone photos

Photo lighten by touching a dark spot on the screen

The second flower shot was improved merely by touching a dark spot on the screen and allowing the camera to lighten it up.

However, if your light source is behind your subject it is worth turning the flash on to create a “fill flash” to take the shadow off your subject. Try to step back as far as possible to avoid over-exposing your subject’s face.

#6 – Use burst mode for action shots

An iPhone really isn’t the best choice to get good actions shots, but you can improve your chances of snapping one good shot by holding down the camera button to take a series of shots instead of just one at a time. You might get lucky and capture the moment you were trying for.

better iPhone photos#7 – Use a few photo apps to improve your shot

It is worth the money to purchase a few apps that will greatly improve your photos. However, there are quite a few free apps that will take your photos up a notch and are worth installing and learning to use. I’ll save the discussion of photo editing apps for another post. Until then, I hope one or more of these suggestions will get you a few better photos. You can, however check out my favorite iPhone photo app to see what app I used most often.

And if you know any iPhone tricks I didn’t mention, I would love to hear about them! Good luck with your photos!


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